Season of excellence

Season of Excellence

Each year Eltham High School is well represented in the VCE Season of Excellence. 

The VCE Season of Excellence is an annual event showcasing outstanding VCE work from schools across Victoria. It includes concerts for Top Class and Top Acts, exhibitions for Top Designs and Top Arts, and multiple screenings of short films (Top Screens). 

These are presented in Melbourne’s major cultural venues each year including the NGV, ACMI and Melbourne Museum.

It is a credit to the talent and hard work of our students, the dedication of our committed teachers, the local community in which we reside and Eltham High’s value for the Arts and creativity.


In 2021 we had four Eltham High students (class of 2020) who were selected for inclusion in the Season of Excellence.

Top Screen - VCE Media

Holly Rumble

Top Arts - Studio Arts

Olivia Chubb

Molly Morris-McGinty

Top design - Product Design Fibre

emer Rafferty

Congratulations to these students for such a significant achievement and accolade.


We are also delighted to announce that three of our 2021 year 12 students have been shortlisted for the Season of Excellence 2022.

Top arts - art

Emily Broeren

Top Arts - Studio Arts

Sav Robinson-Fletcher

Top design - Product Design wood

Lucas Kennealy

We wish them all the best with the next stage of this selection process.