Hello and welcome to year 8 Arts & Technology.

At year 8 students complete studies in Art & Design, Food Technology, Metal Technology and Music.

We congratulate our students for the way they have engaged with their learning over the year. Their ability to think and respond creatively is to be congratulated.

While we are showcasing our senior students in this year’s online exhibition we would like to acknowledge the achievements of our year 8s.

Below we list the recipients of certificates of recognition for excellence in the Arts or Technology. Alongside are some samples of year 8 work.

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their teacher for a certificate of recognition in their respective subjects.

Students receiving these certificates have demonstrated creativity, commitment and excellence through their efforts.

AWARD Winners

Arts/Technology Certificates of Recognition, Year 8 2023:


Each year Arts and Technology teachers nominate a student in their class that they feel has demonstrated excellence in their subject.

Often it is not an easy decision for the teacher as there can be several students that deserve acknowledgement. 

But the chosen student must have shown commitment to their studies and in creating their work demonstrated creativity, skill, engagement and persistence. 

Congratulations to the following year 8 students who received Certificates of Recognition in Arts or Technology.

Art & design

Jasper Geddes 8A

Clara Robinson 8B

Ella Collier 8C

Amy Thomson 8D

Gabrielle Broadbent 8E

Annalies Veldman 8F

Kai Barker 8G

Kokoro Finger 8J

Nina Van Nunen 8K

Gwyn Van Der Kamp 8L

Oliver Von Tunk 8M


Jasper Geddes 8A

Maia Fryatt 8B

Lucy Bennett 8C

Dylan Pang 8D

Wes Henderson 8E

Aidan Filmer 8F

Robert Redman 8G

Freida Baker-Hawkins 8H

Mya Lyons 8J

Cooper Gatt 8K

Callista Hasseldine 8L

Toby Kuhlmann 8M

Food Tech

Zoey Steyn 8A

Anika Borrell 8B

Eliza Bair 8C

Amy Thomson 8D

Max Delaney 8E

Frankie Grzechnik 8F

Oscar Cooper 8G

Lila Veale 8H

Lockie Worrell 8L

Xavier Maddison-Grey 8J

Emily Chambers 8K

Telulah Twohig 8M

Metal Tech

Zac Errat 8A

Zeke Larsen 8B

Molly Wallace 8C

Anouschka Tymms 8D

Max Delaney 8E

Poppy Mackenzie 8F

Oscar Cooper 8G

Noah Hayford 8H

Angus Heppleston 8J

Eryn Wailes 8K

Adele Gooden 8L

Archie Bonga 8M