Hello and welcome to year 10 Arts & Technology,

At year 10 students are able to select from a wide range of electives across the Arts and Technology areas.

While the electives at year 10 are engaging they are also planned to build skills and knowledge necessary for pathways into VCE and further studies.

We congratulate our students for the way they have engaged with their learning over the year. 

Their ability to engage and respond creatively in changed circumstances and still achieve such remarkable outcomes is to be commended.

We hope you enjoy examples of the work year 10 students have been able to produce this year.

Below we list the recipients of certificates of recognition for excellence in the Arts or Technology. 

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their teacher for a certificate of recognition in their respective subjects.

Students receiving these have demonstrated creativity, commitment and excellence through their efforts.

AWARD Winners

Each year Arts and Technology teachers nominate a student in their class that they feel has demonstrated excellence in their subject.

Often it is not an easy decision for the teacher as there can be several students that deserve acknowledgement. 

But the chosen student must have shown commitment to their studies and in creating their work demonstrated creativity, skill, engagement and persistence. 

Congratulations to the following recipients of the Year 10 Arts and Technology Certificates of Recognition in 2022.


Sarah Baker

Nasar Rana

Joshua Wike-Gysen

Tamara Dennler

Systems & Engineering

Fraser Quin

Liam Coffey

data analytics & Infographics

Jeremy Veldman

Contemporary metal tech

Nina Boesenberg

Billy McBride

product design - wood

Ryder Medley

Madison Tindal

Mitchell Drysdale

Imogen Bowers

public art

Nina Boesenberg

Hugo Bourke

software development

Liam Coffey

Elijah Florczak

product design - fashion

Celia Vivado

Evan Ferguson

Art Now

Stephanie Smith


Ava Rohweder

Hamish Bottrell

Lily Matt

Maddison Fletcher

Food by design

Conor Hayes

Lilly Barello

Victoria Pantelejenko

Film narrative & production

Tristan Peacock

Jasper Davis


Ben Kellow

Jemma Pittard

music performance

Indi Egglestone


Thomas Smith

Jemima Bryant

Emily Brennan

Perry Koukis

Vis com & Design

Lucas Freeman

Eliza Crawford

wood work