Hello and welcome to Year 7 Arts & Technology

In year 7 students gain a broad experience across a range of Arts and Technology subjects.

In the Arts students complete studies in Art & Design, Drama, Media and Music.

In Technology students engage in Wood technology and Digital Technology.

We are very proud of the creativity, engagement and pursuit of excellence year 7’s have demonstrated through their creative achievements.

A selection of artworks completed by students in 2022 is highlighted alongside the announcement of students who have received certificates of recognition.

AWARD Winners

Each year Arts and Technology teachers nominate a student in their class…

One from semester 1 and one from semester 2,  that they feel has demonstrated excellence in their subject.

Often it isn’t an easy decision for the teacher as there can be  several students that deserve acknowledgement. 

But the chosen student must have shown commitment to their studies and in creating their work demonstrated creativity, skill, engagement and persistence. 

Congratulations to the following year 7 students for receiving a certificate of recognition.

Art & design

Gabrielle Broadbent 7A

Jemima (Poppy) Lappin 7B

Elena Ganter 7B

Ivy Simpson 7C

Portia Oldfield 7D

Kylie Kilcullen 7E

Gwyn Van Der Kamp 7F

MJ Johnston 7G

Clara Robinson 7H

Charlie Tapim 7J

Nina Van Nunen 7K

Toby Kuhlmann 7L

Coen Tindal 7M


Digital Technology

Kai Kovacic 7A

Aidan Filmer 7C

Freida Baker-Hawkins 7H

Ranveer Singh 7K

Charlie Moore 7L

Coen Tindal 7M


Gabrielle Broadbent 7A

Jesper Geddes 7A

Elena Ganter 7B

Hendrix Billings 7B

Aidan Filmer 7C

Matheo Chopin 7C

Amy Thomas 7D

Portia Oldfield 7D

Miley Navuni 7E

Wesley (Wes) Henderson 7E

Arya Erfanian 7F

Gwyn Van Den Kamp 7F

Eliza Blair 7G

Freida Baker-Hawkins 7H

Charlotte Lau 7H

Liam Vincent 7J

Coen Nelis 7J

Avielle Angesti 7K

Leyla Caglar 7K

Catelyn Payne 7L

Ella Collier 7L

Juliet Schroeder 7M

Annalies Veldman 7M


Lucy Bennett 7A

Edie Fairclough 7B

Leo Power 7C

Amy Thomson 7D

Antonella Berick 7E

Erin Bell 7G

Kirra Duff 7H

Noah Hayford 7K

Ella Collier 7L

Emmie Betts 7M


Maia Fryatt 7A

Raph Geralis 7B

Ivy Simpson 7C

Finley Scoble 7D

Ziggy Maddison-Grey 7F

Michael Hailes 7G

Freida Baker-Hawkins 7H

Charlie Tapim 7J

Mia Kelly 7K

Gabriel Bunt 7L

Coen Tindal 7M

Wood Tech

Angus Coghlan 7A

Lila Veale 7B

Ivy Simpson 7C

Anouschka Coghlan 7D

Jake Morrow 7F

Oscar Clarke 7E

Felix Nowakowski 7G

Kirra Duff 7H

Samuel Hartley 7J

Hannah Thompson 7K

Eller Collier 7L

Archie Bonga 7M