Hello and welcome to year 11, VCE Arts & Technology.

At year 11 students are embarking on their VCE studies, Units 1 & 2, in their chosen areas of study and thinking about their potential future pathways.

Students at year 11 in Arts or Technology must produce a folio in which they demonstrate their art or design process that leads to the production of finished artworks or products.

We hope you enjoy some of the year 11 Art, Studio Arts and VCD work this year’s students have been able to produce.

Below we list the recipients of certificates of recognition for excellence in the Arts or Technology.

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their teacher for a certificate of recognition in their respective subjects.

Students receiving these have demonstrated creativity, commitment and excellence through their efforts.

AWARD Winners

Each year Arts and Technology teachers nominate a student in their year 11 subject, one from Unit 1 and one from Unit 2 that they feel has demonstrated excellence.

Often it is not an easy decision for the teacher as there can be several students that deserve acknowledgement. 

But the chosen student must have shown commitment to their studies and in creating their work demonstrated creativity, skill, engagement and persistence. 

Congratulations to the following students:


Talisha Rowland

Sophia Howse


Studio arts - art

Ava Grzechnik

Charlotte Wales



Nina Boesenberg

Imogen Bowers


Ava Redman

Bella Van Der Linde

Systems Engineering

Christiaan Brown-Nafatali

Josh Wike-Gysen

product design - wood

James Rattray-Wood

Jacob De Jonge

product design - fibre

Tegan McMillan

Music Performance

Aurelia Amgesti

Rordy Watkins

applied computing

Tom Westerman

food studies

Ruby Dawes

Lilly Barello


Bella Van Der Linde

Stephen Hey